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How to get rid of the female breast hair around the nipple? what will happen if its burns? will it come back?

How to get rid of the female breast hair around the nipple naturally?Nearly 10 hairs on each of the breast.Is it a good idea to burn them?Will it come back again?If not whatelse can be done?It bothers me a lot.Help me out.
You may have to pluk them out one by one or thread it. on frequently doing this it will disappear. I had some hair on my chin, I used to thread it while doing the eyebrows. Now it is disappeared
At what age milk start producing in female breast?
at what age milk start producing in female breast? what is the taste of it?
Breastmilk is only produced after the birth of a baby. Late in pregnancy, and for the first few days, it is colostrum not actual breastmilk. It takes 2-3 days after delivery for the breastmilk to come in. The taste is sweet, nothing like cows milk.
How can a female make her breast grow?
This is without surgery. I've heard that taking birth control makes females breast grow, but research says that its realy unsafe. So I thought of taking estrogen pills....
There is a way to get bigger breasts without surgery, have you seen this site? www.shops-flower.com/recommends/Y…
I have followed the plan and I am now a size bigger in just a few weeks. Have a look.
When is a male officer allowed to touch a bare female breast in a arrest?
i was put under arrest and a male officer touched my bare breast in a search... how is that right ? There was no female officer present.
"When is a male officer allowed to touch a bare female breast in a arrest? i was put under arrest and a male officer touched my bare breast in a search... how is that right ? There was no female officer present."

There is no quick answer to your question.

A law enforcement officer is empowered to conduct a quick "pat down" to ensure his own safety incident to a stop-- he doesn't even have to arrest you. And there is no same-sex requirement for such searches in the eyes of the law.

That said, many police departments have regulations that call for same-sex officers to conduct searches whenever possible. And searches incident to incarceration (that often involve a body cavity search) generally follow stricter guidelines.

But the power to conduct a search does not create the liberty to grope. An officer searching a woman should feel under and between breasts (if they are large enough) using a scrunching motion of the hand (not patting) against the clothed body and along any undergarments that might hide something. Squeezing the breast or touching the area around the nipple is generally not necessary-- although bulky clothing might require it.

If you were bare-- wearing nothing that could hide a weapon or contraband-- and the officer touched your breasts with his hands as part of the search (not just brushed against you), then you should file a complaint. If you feel you have enough evidence to prove it, you might even consider filing a civil action in circuit court.

[This is not legal advice. You should consult a licensed attorney-at-law for legal advice or representation before making decisions that may affect your legal rights.]
Can a ts females breast nipples produce milk like a gg female?
i am a tsf pre-op and my breasts which are about a c cup still have not produced milk.i was told ts females can produce milk the same way a gg can.I Dont buy it?
since they were grown by the same hormonal processes and contain the same anatomy, they should under the correct stimulation.

when you're older you'll need to have mammograms, just like a cisgender woman. i just had mine.

@clones: that's sweet!
How important is female breast size to a man?
Is breast size a consideration when you choose to date someone? Be honest!
It is not important, I look at as being a bonus if the woman has nice breast. it is not what most men look for, i am sure you will get answers like the bigger the better. but that is not a honest answer. It is a trade secret to tell you that most guys do not care about that, most guys including me want a women to date who they have good initial chemistry with, makes them feel better or is a good flirt, but being shy is cute too. Men are not to fussy, just as women men have very individual physical preferences, but don't always go out with people who meet their exact preference because personality is more important. I like petite women, so big boobs usually mean a bigger woman, which is not appealing to me, but that does not mean I will not go out with a bigger women if she is sexy. breast size does not matter.
What would cause a portion of a female breast to feel like a tense muscle?
my girlfriend was doing her weekly breast exam and right above her niples is a small portion of breast that kinda feels like a flexed muscle. What would cause this? What is it?
Cyst, fibroid tissue, tumor.
Probably benign, DOCTOR TIME.
What is the two point discrimination distance in a normal female breast?
I would like to know the general answer to this question and if possible a reference to a paper can be found online. Therefore I need three numbers for the nipple, areola, and breast respectively.
From the hollow of your throat your to you nipples approx. 21 to 23 cm. That's all I know other than that everyone's breasts are different therefore distance will be different.
In rating nudity in movies, why do people always equate a female breast to a male penis?
They are not of the same calibur. At most, you'll see a large puff of female pubic hair. You never see female genitalia. So why do people always complain that female nudity is so much worse in mainstream films?
I need to go masturbate now.
The hormone that stimulates female breast development is?
The hormone that stimulates female breast development is called what?

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