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Where can I buy small sizes of girls school uniform?
My daughter will be going to school in September. She is almost 4yrs old but still wears 12-18mth or 18-24mth clothes. She is very slim. The only way I can get jeans to fit her is to buy ones with big turn ups then unpick the turn ups to lenghten the legs. When I look at school uniform in the shops it looks like it might fit her in 2 years time!!! The uniform at her school is green and grey.
Adams do school clothes from 96cms (3 yrs).
Otherwise you'll have to alter the clothes you do buy.

Good luck.
What skirt length should the girls school uniform be? how high do you wear yours?
in my school most of the girls wear their school skirts like 15cm above the knee or higher.
how do you guys wear yours?
If I'm wearing tights I wear it about 3-4 inches above te knee.
If I'm not wearing tights, knee-length ;)

Most girls in my school wear their skirts wayy too short and you can quite literally see their asses with too much movement..not good lol.
Girls school uniform?
ive found a store that has a full girls uniform.the thing is that i need to try it on before i buy i in my rights being a trannie to try it on in the store or can they refuse.i only see girl changeing rooms in this part of the store.also if i need help with the uniform could the staff refuse.
You say that you are a trannie and you want to try on girls clothes in the store. If you mean that you are technically a boy and look like a boy, then the staff can refuse you service, to include allowing you to try on the uniforms. You can purchase them and take them home and try them on, and if they don't fit, take them back and exchange them. Good luck with that.
Where can i get school uniform patterns for girls in primary school?
I'm trying to make girls uniforms for my daughter and i cant get patterns anywhere and our school does not supply uniforms for the girls to wear but I believe they should be in uniforms.
There are stores that sell these clothing items specifically for private school guys. Try researching some stores near your area on yahoo, keywords "local private school uniform stores".

Hope I helped!
Is it wrong to be turned on by Japanese high school uniform (girls)?
im 15 and im a half japanese and everytime i see middle school and high school girls in uniform im like O_O.
is this wrong or are most people the same as me?
Swag for girls[school uniform]?
[swag for girls school uniform only] i need help with my swag for school everytime i walk in the door in my school i see a bunch of girls that has swag n it makes me feel left out i was wondering out there could anybody help me with my little problem n just write down a few school clothes that i can make into my very own swag[like a white collard shirt,pink undershirt,khaki cargo shorts,white socks,pink ribbon, and white air force ones]
miss ghetto fabulous ,
i have no ideah what your trying to say .
if your trying to start your own ''uniform';
you need a bunch of friends to help you(:
like a whole bunch of you wear the same things everyday ..
like different clothes but you all look the same .
then you`ll look mad freshh(: !
hit up claires and add cute accessories to your outfits(:
How to look cut in school uniform? Girls With Sense of style No guyish things!?
What can i do to Look cute In school uniform. I wear a White School Shirt Aeropostale and navy blue pants Old Navy. I can wear any shoes i want and any bag.
If you don't already, start watching Gossip Girl. Girls know how to accessorize. Wear headbands, cute shoes, and get a big, designer statement bag. Try and get one solid color, but an eyepopping one, like orange or yellow. And make sure you switch up your style. For jewelry, try and avoid dangly earings, stick with pearl posts instead. And develop one statement piece. In the fall and winter, wear cute scarfs and hats and blazers. It's all about looking sophisticated and polished so be confident!
Help girls! School uniform tights???!??!?!?
Ok so this is a question for girls.
Where do you get those tights for school which have those diamonds in it?? Like the ones that have diamond shapes, and on the outline of the diamond you can see your skin, and then more diamonds. Like the stripe hard 2 explain. But if you get what im talking about where do you get them at? Because i bought a pair at ASDA and they were bad quality because they kept ripping from the outline of the diamond (the skin part). And they have to be really black so you esspecially cannot see your legs, like can you give me the link or the store name???pleaseee help fast!!
IM looking for these...

You can get them from primark ^_^
They last pretty long too, and are cheap!

Hope that helps! xx
Boys: Do you like girls wearing school uniform?
When i see high school girls walking in front of my house i get a feeling that they're hot i like girls in school uniform especially wearing blouse and skirts. School girls walking in front of my house wears a long sleeve blouse and a skirt sometimes other school girls walking in front of my house is wearing a short sleeve blouse and a skirt.

Do you boys getting a feeling they are hot?
I'm a girl but most boys in my school like girls wearing uniform because:

a) most girls wear their skirts really short you can see their thong

b) where i live it rains a lot and our school is very warm so girls like to take their jumpers off and boys like girls in wet blouses cos they can see their b.o.o.b.s

c) but then again what if an ugly girl in school uniform who is fat and has a bad case of acne walked past your house i don't think you will find that hot lol.
Why do guys have a thing for girls in school uniform?
I go to an all-girls school, I wear a kilt, tie, button up, the whole deal, why are guys turned on by this? Please help me to understand?
I guess I'm kinky then. And apparently I like corporal punishment, Damn. Punish me, hunny bunny. I have handcuffs ;-)

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