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Best place to raise a lesbian family?
I am in a lesbian relationship and we are thinking about getting out of the south and moving somewhere that is more tollerant to lesbians and we are planning on raising my daughter together. What is the state with the most parental rights for the other partner. We would eventually like to get married and have more guys together. I am the one who will be carrying the babies its already been decided. But where is the best place to raise a family. i know its not in the south.
The places that both allow second-parent adoption by same sex couples statewide and legally recognize same sex couples are California, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Vermont.

Northampton, Massachusetts, nicknamed Lesbianville U.S.A., is purported to be the most lesbian-friendly town in the United States.
How are the family roles distributed in gay or lesbian families?
Socialization is the process people adopt to the environment and people who are around them. They also recognize gender roles in that stage. When people form a family, they act according to their family role. For intsance, a mother cooks and a father fixes the car.
How about gay or lesbian couples?
In gay and lesbian households, chores are usually distributed according to who does them better, or who is willing to do them, or who has time to do them. For example, my late partner and I both loved to cook, so we would take turns at it, or cook dinner together. She usually mowed the lawn, but sometimes I would do it. We both worked in the garden. I'd usually do the laundry, but she would fold it and put it away. We'd split up the housecleaning as well. And so on.

But even in heterosexual households, those strict gender roles you describe don't always apply. My brother does most of the cooking in his house (he's a professional chef) and most of the guycare for their 3 year old son (my sister-in-law is an attorney who works long hours). My sister-in-law handles the family finances and does most of the cleaning. Real life is usually way more complex than in your social studies textbook........
In a gay/lesbian family what does your guyren call the spouse that is not their birth parent?
My cousins are lesbians and plan to get married. They want a guy and they plan to have my cousin be pregnant and all but we where wondering what the baby would call my cousin's wife! My cousin is Italian and her wife is Greek just to let you all know.
I have two mothers and I just call my birth mother Mom and my mom's partner Mama Kate. :) I know another family where the daughter calls one mom, Mom and the other, Mama.
How do i tell my family i am lesbian without causing a fight?
I am lesbian and only a couple of family members know i am lesbian. How dod i tell the rest without causing a fight?
If they're uber religious freaks then do the following
1. Walk into the house
2. Give them a walkie talkie
3. Tell them to turn on the walkie talkie
4. The another walkie talkie and get about 5 miles away
5. In a high pitched tone say "Haaai Guuuuuuys..."
*Awkward silence for 2 minutes*
I'm a lesbian! Bai!
Hi, im lesbian and im wondering whenis the right time to share it with my family?
can someone tell me when is the right time to say im lesbian to my family, thank u!
your family is a gruop u must trust. They will always love u for who u r they gave all they can for u and u must give them something they want. Trust love and responsiblty
Whats your opinion on a lesbian couple trying to start a family?
I know that now days being a gay or lesbian is accepted more than it was years ago and I just wanted to get some opinions on how people feel on a lesbian couple starting a family, and a guy growing up with 2 mothers. Thanks
lesbians make as good a parents as any. couldn't be any worse the a whole great big bunch of heter parents.

i think anybody who wants to start a family should go for it! familes are a wonderful gift from God, any way you find them.
How can i rent lesbian movies without my family thinking im a lesbian?
Im not ready to come out to my family yet, but i want to rent "The L Word" seasons. and the only rental card i have is my mothers, how can i rent movies without them thinking im a lesbian?
Tell them you think it looks like an interesting movie and that some of your favorite celebrities are in it =) and tell your mom that you heard it got good reviews
How to come out and tell your friends and family that your a lesbian?
So what I want to my New Years resolution is that I want to come out to my friends and family. But I'm from a Chinese family which people all know that Asian family don't really accept gays. So is there a way to let your friends know or maybe an easy way to tell my mother? And I've herd that the mothers always know.

How come its so hard to be a lesbian!! Well I guess in till I'm out I guess I'll never be happy.
ik how u feel. get it off ur chest its a big relief! just come right out . no if ands or buts. just be like IM GAY ...
Lesbian Family friendly partof austin?
I am a lesbian and my partner and I plan on moving to austin. We plan on starting a family down there so we wanted to know what part of austin (neighborhood or zipcode) is accepting of lesbian families. We just want a diverse accepting area..Does anyone know any that we should look for houses or apartments.
I'd have to say the richer more eclectic areas are accepting like Westlake Hills, downtown Austin artsy area close to the "1"...just my thoughts and experiences from traveling there a couple of times and frequenting in Miami & West Hollywood

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