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How to make feet nice without a proper pedicure?
I have very very sensitive feet, I HATE it when anyone touches them. Pedicures are grueling for me and I hate pumice stones regardless of who wields them. But I still want to have nice feet and after a summer in flipflops they are getting further and further from my ideal. How can I work on getting my feet in decent shape without suffering through pumice stones and risking kicking the poor girl working on my feet?
Ok it's not that hard.....I don't how you may feel about you touching your own feet.....So here it is....Don't spend your money on people working on your feet and do it yourself.....After the shower the caluses on your feet become really soft. Or the bath tub. So you can use your own thumb nail to take of little by little. Just scrape it off. Some shave it. Also last you can use a nail file to slowly but surely sand them down. They're bound to get smooth and soft. Use close toed shoes rather than open toed because the air, dirt, and friction caused the sole of your sandal will just increase dead and dry skin. Good luck! Last also put lotion on the feet after the shower too!:)
How do I have nice feet but do pointe or is it impossible?
I just started pointe work in ballet this year and a few of my toenails have fallen off. It isn't painful or anything but I would like to have nice looking feet. Please help.
Dancers usually don't have nice feet. My teacher always says you won't have beach feet anymore! I don't think you can help your feet very much though...just try rubbing some lotion on them every night and paint your toe nails. That's all I can think of. But for the calluses you can't do anything.
How to have nice feet in sandals?
Summer is coming, I'm going to be spending more time on the beach in sandals (Hopefully).
How can I have nice, clean feet? With nice nails? Mine are a bit ingrown, so anyone know how to cut those and make them look nice?
Also, when I wear shoes without socks my feet sweat a lot more than usual. How can I prevent this?

Get a pedicure! i know it costs money but its definately worth it. And this sounds really dumb but put deodorant on the bottom of your feet and let it dry, it really helps.
How can I get nice feet that don't look ugly in sandals?
I have some hard, dry skin on my feet which I want to remove so I have nice looking feet in sandals in Summer.
cut off your feet. trust me it works.- but wearing sandals may be a problem then,
My feet used to be nice, now that I have been playing basketball they are all messed up?
I used to have nice feet, now I have corns, peeling skin, etc and I dont know why. I play hard could it be my shoes?

Ive been playing basketball ALOT lately after not playing or being active for about 2 years.
........use a good lotion, well ventilated shoes...and wear socks.
Why do men like women with Nice Hands and Feet?
I always get compliments for mine but a friend of mine does not have nice feet, it's not her fault!

a man is thinkin of wat kinda damage u can do with rawhide hands all pun intened
and the feet
well they cant look like theyve been stompin out coals means u work harder than they do
How do I keep my feet nice and soft in the summer?
The heels of my feet get so rough because of bare feet in the summer ~ I've tried putting baby oil and lotion on them every day but it isn't working ~ anyone have any clue on how to keep the heels nice and soft????
I suggest you go to The Body Shop, they have a good selection on pedicure products.
I personally use their pumace scrub and cooling peperment lotion that leaves your feet very very soft.
I would suggest soaking your feeat as fell in warm water with some vitamin E oil to keep them nice and soft.
Also, other than the pumace scrub, buy their "no more ruff stuff " stone it works great!…
Do women feel uncomfortable when men compliment on their nice toes/feet?
The other day I was in an elevator and this guy said nice feet to a pretty lady in the elevator. I wondered if she felt uncomfortable. She seemed to like it. What are your thoughts?
As long as you don't obess over her toes/shoes then its fine..
Do you ladies keep your feet nice in hopes of attracting men ?
IT WORKS FOR ME!!!! I have a very powerful foot fetish!!! When a woman has nice feet, I think it is a sign that she takes alot of pride in herself!!!! :>)
I take care of my feet for myself...

Not to attract men. Most men don't have foot fetishes like you.

What does it mean when guys say 'you have nice feet' ?
Idkk, sometimes random guys come up and say i have nice feet.
im not sure if they just like my feet or if it means something else ?
haha, help ?
it mean you have nice feet.

good proportions and all. doesn't look like ginger root.
doesn't look stinky.

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