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Sexy video?
OK, so I have this digital video camera and a girl I know wants me to make a sexy video for her.
1st off I trust her enough that I know it won't get posted all over the net.
2nd I don't know what to do? When I asked her what she meant, she said, "I'm sure you'll think of something".
Any ideas?
What kind of sexy porn video.....or something more modest.....?
Something out by the pool would be cool
But I wouldnt do would get in the wrong hands.......
What should I do in a sexy video for my boyfriend?
I want to make a sexy video for my boyfriend who is away from me for a while... What should I do in it? I have not the first idea of what I should do.
you should strip for him and then when your done tell him how much u miss and how much u need him :)
I wanted to make a sexy video for my boyfriend... How do I do it?
Okay so its my boyfriends birthday coming up and I wanted to make a sexy video for him.

If I just bought a blank Dvd or Cd or something from a store. Then uploaded all my videos onto my computer, made a slideshow sort of thing. Could I burn the slideshow/video onto the CD/DVD?..... If so what type of cd should I buy?
....I think your boyfriend will be excited by this gift. Yes, you could burn the slideshow/video onto the cd or dvd, of course, the dvd disc is the better choice than cd, because dvd supports the better quality and larger size, if you want to play the burned dvd on dvd player, don't care what type of dvd disc you are using, most dvd players supports all kinds of writeable dvd disks, such as DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD-R DL, DVD+R DL, etc, you just need to use a right software to convert and burn your made sexy videos to a standard video DVD which can be played well on dvd player, I think you can try RZ DVD Creator which can do this well, it can directly convert and burn any videos to standard video DVD, then you can enjoy the burned standard video DVD on dvd player with your boyfriend. You can google search RZ DVD Creator and download it, it will help you.
Why are there people who oppose violent/sexy video games?
Do these same people oppose violent/sexy movies? What is wrong with a ratings system? Kids are not allowed to watch R rated movies, and likewise, guys should not be allowed to play M rated video games. However, Adults are allowed to watch R rated movies, and likewise, we should be allowed to play M rated video games.

Why aren't video games just treated the same way as movies?
pPeople should do this or that and guyren too but in reality none of us do so they problem is that although they may be rated R or M guyren can access them and it may not be a good influence for them. Still I see what you mean; besides TV and all the rest exert a terrible influence already so how big can be the damage cause by a video game.
What are the names of the two girls in david guetta and akon's video sexy chick?
I'm talking about the two taking photos of akon. they're best seen in the sexy chick and photographer version of the video on youtube.
oh, their names are Stacy and Kimberly.
yea, they're my ex girlfriends.
Does google ban accounts ,when adsense is published on sexy video sites(not pornographic)?
I am planning to have a sexy video site,and i already have an adsense acc. ,the google tos ,says they dont allow ads on sites that contain ,adult content,so would they ban me if i put adsense in there
you can show sexy video on your site but there is some term which you have to follow. you can't show porn(you mention that),you can't show f**k can show nude girl they will not ban you.
you can show funny sexy video which is not porn.
What is your favourite HOT and SEXY music video?
I'm looking for really hot and sexy music videos. You know what kind I mean ;)
I want to impress my boyfriend when he comes to visit this weekend and I want to find some really sexy dance moves. Could you guys help me out?
Hi Mindi ! XOXO
I PROMISE YOU the MUSIC SEXIEST VIDEO that you could ever show you boyfriend is " BEAUTIFUL LIAR " By Beyonce and Shakira !
Trust me, this video is STEAMING HOT ! The only problem is it is SO HOT , by the time the video is over , your boyfriend may instantaneously COMBUST !!! If he hasn't combusted , he's definitley gonna be on the mood for snugglin' up with you all night ! xo
Have a great, HOT night hun ! ; )
Is anyone else receiving random misspelled emails saying there is a sexy video of them?
I received 3 today from some of my true facebook friends. I know this is a virus but was wondering if it is just within my group of friends or if other people are getting them as well.
I would get off Facebook first of all. Also be sure your PC has virus protection. I'm on Myspace & I hope that crap doesn't happen there. DEATH to HACKERS! lol.

Edit: Trendmicro is excellent and also Windows One Care!

Sorry that happened to you :(
How do I make a sexy video for my boyfriend?
I've made him one before, but it was just like stripping. I wanna do something that will get him hard. ;)
.And when it ends up on the internet some day, where your family, friends, employer, clergy person, etc can see it...then what? What jobs or opportunities or relationships might you lose, because you wanted to get your boyfriend aroused?

Think about dirty to him. That won't haunt you in the future.
What is so sexy about beyonce's single ladies video?
it happens to be number one on the 'sexiest video' countdown..
Did you know one of her back dancers is a guy? That's gross! It's so not sexy!

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